A Morning with Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. He writes wonderful books for children, and he treats every child like they are the most important fan he has ever met.

Last Thursday, Andy visited second through fifth graders at my school. He was amazing. The kids absolutely adored him. They hung on his every word, and they appreciated his willingness to let them be silly. I have never seen kids talk so much during an author visit, yet it never felt like they were being disrespectful. When Andy Griffiths speaks their is a lot for kids to talk/laugh about. Even though kids were louder than I am use to during an author visit, it never felt like things were out of control.

Andy knew what he was doing and he did it very well.

After the visit, we hosted a potluck in our library in Andy’s honor. I learned a ton about his process for writing books with Terry Denton, and of his family.

I’m sure that Andy interacts with tons of people every year, yet he found a way to make everybody feel important. He asked me many sincere questions about my career and my family.

Andy Griffiths is a class act.

Below you find some images from the tweets sent out during Andy’s visit. Enjoy!


It’s author visit day!!!!! pic.twitter.com/PdueUYsGDc

— Colby Sharp (@colbysharp) April 17, 2014

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