Happy Book Birthday: Squish 5: Game On!

Disclaimer: I am very biased when it comes to books written by Jennifer L. Holm. I think that she is one of the nicest people in the world, and I believe that she is one of greatest writers of middle grade fiction that has ever lived. 

In Squish 5: Game On! our friend Squish is faced with the same issue that so many young readers are faced with each day when they get home from school. Video games.

As a kid I struggled with video games in the same way that Squish struggles in Game On! I sort of became obsessed.  Games like Zelda, Mario Brothers, and California Games took over my life for hours at a time.

We don’t have video games at my house, but my son plays them when he hangs out at his grandmother’s house, and it terrifies me when I see how quickly he can become wrapped up in the world of Donkey Kong or Mario Brothers.

My hope is that Game On! will help some kids see the importance of balance in their life. Video games are not evil, but addiction to video games can be a very scary thing. I’m excited to hear the conversations that Game On! will start in classrooms and households across the country. The books sure has caused my young readers to think about the amount of time they are spending playing Minecraft and Call of Duty.

Happy Book Birthday to the entire Squish 5 team. Game On! is Babymousetastic.

A review copy was provided by the publisher. 

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  1. I think I have some students that should read this book. But first, I’ve got to! Thanks for sharing :)

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