Real Men Read/Wear Babymouse

Two day until my book birthday celebration! We will be celebrating the release of: Squish 2, Babymouse Christmas, I Want My Hat Back, and Bigger Than a Bread Box.  Check out the awesome shirt Jenni and Matt Holm created for me.  They are the best team in kid lit!



During the celebration we will be watching book  trailers for the new books, signing happy book birthday to Laurel Snyder, drinking pink lemonade for Babymouse, and eating chocolate cake.

The video that started it all:




Bigger Than a Bread Box:




I Want my Hat Back:


  1. Love, Love, LOVE the new shirt. I am trying to get my boys pumped about Babymouse but it’s not happening…yet! We’ve latched on to Lunch Lady and Amulet…we’ll get there. Have fun with your book birthday celebration.

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