Bear with Me by Max Kornell

Some surprises are good and some surprises are bad.  Owen’s life is awesome, until the surprise: his parents bring home a bear.  Boom! According to Mom and Dad the family is now complete.  Owen on the other hand is not happy. His life as an only child has just been rocked by a giant bear.  The bear: takes all his parents attention, plays with his toys, and keeps him up at night.

Love this book.  The first time I read it, I was like WHAT?  This book is crazy.  Then I read it again, and realized that it is crazy, and I Iove crazy.  I’m assuming the bear is a metaphor for parents bringing home another child.  We all have to deal with surprises both good and bad and this book shows a young boy trying to figure that out.

The art is great, the story is nuts, and that works in this book.  Cannot imagine an elementary kid not like this book.  My fourth graders would go nuts over it, and they are 10.  Check it out!


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